Now more available than ever! Jobchain® JOB token is available at cryptocurrency ATMs, right on your doorstep! Did you think there were no cryptocurrency ATMs? Well, yes! Just like any other currency, cryptocurrencies have their own ATMs, you can even buy and sell with fiat money. And the Jobchain® JOB token... is now available! We tell you how...

What are cryptocurrency ATMs?

Cryptocurrency ATMs are very similar to the ATMs we know. Usually when we need cash, we go to these types of ATMs, pass our card, our code, and that's it, we have our cash.

Well, with cryptocurrency ATMs practically the same thing happens, with the exception that you can not only sell your cryptocurrencies for cash, but also buy cryptocurrencies. That's why it's so important for Jobchain® to be able to buy and sell JOB from this type of cashier. Not only because it makes the entire Jobchain® platform tangible, converting that salary into cryptocurrency into cash and vice versa. But it also makes it available all over the world.

Just register on the cashier platform, scan a QR code and depending on whether you buy or sell cryptocurrencies you can enter cash or receive it. That simple! And who facilitates all this technology? Well, the largest provider of cryptocurrency ATMs: General Bytes.

General Bytes, the leading provider of cryptocurrency ATMs

With over 7000 cryptocurrency ATMs sold, over 100 supported fiat currencies and sales in more than 60 countries, we can claim that General Bytes is the leading provider of the market. From their headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, and Bradenton, Florida, in the United States, they intend to become the leading providers of bitcoin and blokchain technology.

Ya puedes operar con el token JOB de Jobchain® en cajeros automáticos de criptomonedas ATM Crypto de todo el mundo

More in detail, its ATMs are based on Android, which is built on Linux and is also based on ARM architecture. All of this together makes them able to develop easy-to-use, personalized and secure ATMs, so you no longer have an excuse to buy and sell your JOB on the street! Because their cashiers are usually located in shopping centers, supermarkets and even on the street, like ATMs for a lifetime.

Thanks to this Jobchain® has partnered with General Bytes so that today it is possible to trade the JOB token in its cryptocurrency ATMs around the world. In them users can buy and sell JOB with Bitcoin, Ethereum, more than 50 cryptocurrencies and even more than 100 fiat currencies.