You may be a guru of this field or the term Decentralized Web (DWeb) doesn't sound like anything. The fact is that the Decentralized Web is a reality and Jobchain® was not going to be left behind. But what is the Decentralized Web really and how does it relate to Jobchain®? We tell you!

The Decentralized Web, what is it?

Also known as the DWeb, the Decentralized Web is the reality of a not too distant future. The basic idea is that the Web, the normal one, as we know it, which is governed by a few large operators, stop being. That is, it is neither companies nor governments that regulate what can and cannot be shared on the Internet and how that data is processed. But that the network is free, uncensored and securing our privacy... a utopia? We trust not!

As a concept is fine, but in practice it has to be carried out, and that is why the protocol arose InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), designed by Juan Benet, but later liberalized. IPFS is a protocol and a P2P network where to store and share content on a distributed file system. Or what is the same, we replaced the classic HTTP, which is designed for us to access centralized servers that host web pages, by IPFS. A system with which we access information through distributed nodes where is the information we seek, in a distributed but organized way, and with which the end user does not perceive any difference.

But it's not only that, but for that information routing, which is done through a hash that differentiates a resource from any other, is facilitated with nameservers such as Ethereum (ENS) or UnstopPableDomains. These services are based on blockchain technology as well and translate those hash addresses, almost impossible to remember, by friendly addresses under the.eth or .crypto domains, for example. This is how, in the same way that we use .com domains on the World Wide Web, we use these domains that are special for the Decentralized Web.

Jobhchain® on the DWeb

DWeb brings a new era in the history of the Internet, an era in which privacy, identity and transparency are redefined in a sense and magnitude never seen before. We do not want to be subject to censorship, limit or ban anywhere in the world, you can check the information on Jobchain® on the Decentralized Web!

That is why we are committed to entering this new era by taking one step further and adding our website on the Decentralized Web. Any user from any country can access jobchain.eth and jobchain.crypto via IPFS compatible browsers such as Brave. Try it!

The future is already here, will you join us?