We continue to break down borders, and today we are proud to announce that the Jobchain® JOB token has been listed on LATOKEN. LATOKEN differentiates itself from other exchanges in that it is the easiest way to get liquidity and assets worldwide. And what better time than this is for the Jobchain® platform! We tell you more about this great project.

LATOKEN, generating liquidity since 2017

According to research conducted by InWara, LATOKEN is the largest initial exchange offering (IEO) market in the world. But what does this mean? Since LATOKEN they have connected more than 130 companies with more than 400,000 registered users on the platform. In addition, they enable entrepreneurs seeking funding their LATOKEN IEO Launchpad. Almost nothing!

In short, its mission is to connect investors with entrepreneurs worldwide through its platform and by organizing events. To this end, since 2017 has been held annually the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF). A forum where we discuss the most relevant topics around cryptocurrencies and the impact on the global economy. In addition, of course, to be able to present your blockchain-based project to investors who can grow it.

The JOB token available on LATOKEN

How could it be otherwise, Jobchain® had to be present at LATOKEN through its JOB token, with which you can now trade on LATOKEN JOB/USDT! It should be noted that the listing on the platform was through a popular survey in which we found among all of us that the Jobchain® JOB token was listed on LATOKEN. In addition, we have the opportunity to secure funding for the Jobchain® platform to be completed as soon as possible. We're closer every day!

And as if that were not enough, there is a trading competition going on in LATOKEN, the JOB Trading CompetitionWill you be the winner? Trade at least 1,000 JOB tokens and you can be one of the 10 winners among which up to 2,800,000 JOB tokens will be distributed, sounds good doesn't it? Well... time flies!