The future of cryptos is splendid. Since its creation in 2008, they went from being a simple curiosity, to being a very important global economic force. One driven by creativity and the birth of new projects and technologies thanks to initial coin offering (ICO). But not only that, they have shown that another form of economic control is possible. One where the economy does not respond to the interests and manipulations of power groups, but is completely free and decentralized. A form of economy where scourges like uncontrolled inflation has no place.

But in addition, they have also opened the doors to an economy that reaches everyone in the world. There is no longer a need for a person to have a bank account to send or receive money. A simple cryptocurrency wallet is enough and enough for such a task and manage any digital asset of this nature. This opens the door to a real global financial revolution, which we are just beginning to witness. Imagine that in future you decide to buy a car or a house. It would only be enough to access a DAPP, apply for a loan by guaranteeing your coins and almost instantly your loan is approved. No need for paperwork, going to a bank and huge waiting times. This is just a sign of the immense power of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and what we can expect in the future.

But the revolution does not stop there, in fact, it is possible to imagine an even more revolutionary world. One where every thing connected to the Internet can interact with others safely. One where no matter what country you live in, you can access products and services anywhere in the world and pay for them without hassle. This is the power of cryptocurrencies. A power that tells us that their future is secured and that we are just beginning to build it. Despite this, the cryptocurrency world mobilizes millions of dollars daily around the world and continues to strengthen. This gives us an idea of the current relevance of the cryptocurrency market.