We ended the week by introducing you to another partnership we recently managed: being part of Crypto Valley. In the small Swiss canton of Zug is home to the Crypto Valley association, which has nothing to envy the famous Sillicon Valley, because it is dedicated to blockchain. And there's Jobchain®! So below we tell you everything that is dedicated to so you can see its full potential.

Crypto Valley, from Zug to the world

The creation of Crypto Valley was inspired by the enormous advantages of global industry clusters in order to offer the best conditions to companies that committed to blockchain technology. Its founder and CEO, Johann Gevers, identified Switzerland as the best place to host this global stream of blockchain, with its decentralized political system, its commitment to privacy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As early as 2013, Gevers moved his startup to Zug, and inspired by the success of Sillicon Valley, he began building the Crypto Valley ecosystem there. Since then, its focus has been on attracting leading cryptography startups, developing an ecosystem of expert suppliers in the field and facilitating their growth thanks to a friendly regulatory system.

Through the broad support of numerous individuals, companies, corporations, suppliers, associations, institutions, governments and regulators, Crypto Valley has become one of the world's leading ecosystems for cryptography technologies, blockchain and distributed accounting. Dozens of companies have already been arriving in this place since 2017 and that together thrive in their vibrant community.

In addition, he is responsible for the organization of the CV Summit, as well as the Crypto Valley Conference, two global events where blockchain technology visits Switzerland to evolve by innovating. We had to be there!

Jobchain® is already part of Crypto Valley

Not only is Crypto Valley famous for the canton of Zug, but it has also seen the birth and growth of projects and companies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Suisse, Monetas, MME Legal, etc. Even many others have established their headquarters in Switzerland to be close or in the same Crypto Valley, with the initial idea of Gevers being a total success.

And now it's more important than ever, because Jobchain® is part of Crypto Valley! Step by step we are building the community of what Jobchain® is going to be, and we're very happy to tell you everything that's going on around us. Every day there is less to enjoy its full potential, don't be left behind!