As new events happen every week on Jobchain®, we have two this week! Bitnovo and Bitsa join the big Jobchain® family, where each one brings their great value. On the one hand Bitnovo makes the JOB token accessible at all its ATMs, and on the other hand Bitsa makes it possible to store them on your prepaid card, almost nothing! We'll tell you more in detail if you keep reading.

Bitnovo, constant innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies

We start with Bitnovo, which, like Jobchain®, is spanish, as is our CEO, José Bay. Bitnovo started by Marcos Muñoz in 2015, and its goal has always been to democratize access to cryptocurrencies by being able to buy and sell easily, quickly and securely. To this end, they have deployed a network of more than 40,000 outlets throughout Europe, where more than 80,000 users have carried out more than 800,000 transactions. My mother!

In addition, it is not only possible to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through their ATMs, but in stores such as FNAC, GAME, Eroski or Worten we can find coupons worth from €25 to exchange for the digital currency we want. And not only can transactions be carried out through their ATMs, but it is also available on your platform via web or app. In it you can have your own wallet in which you can store your cryptocurrencies. And from now on, the Jobchain® JOB token!

Bitnovo and Bitsa, the alliance that powers the Jobchain® JOB token

And it doesn't end here! Despite having their own prepaid card Bitcard, Bitnovo offers us the best solution of all to our concerns when it comes to using those cryptocurrencies as the fiat money we are used to using. And that's why Bitnovo and Bitsa to make it possible through your prepaid card without associated bank account.

Bitsa is a fintech based in France with the aim of revolutionizing the traditional financial system. Its flagship product is your VISA prepaid card, associated with its physical and digital version with which you can operate as a normal credit card, but no costs, no fees, no associated bank account!

A real revolution, as this card can be recharged using another card, with transfer, buying coupons in stores such as FNAC, Worten, etc., with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies... yes, you can recharge your Bitsa prepaid card with your JOB! And that's not all, because you'll be able to make SEPA transfers for free, send money between Bitsa users instantly, buy both online and physical and withdraw cash at any ATM and at thousands of partner stores. And if that were not enough, for free!

Step by step the Jobchain® community continues to grow by improving and increasing partnerships, offering more and better services and ready for the Jobchain® platform to arrive as soon as possible. Stay tuned for all the news!