On May 1, 2019, the most anticipated moment happened by the entire Jobchain® community: the launch of the JOB token. This launch was the first stone of the big Jobchain® project. But what do you know about Jobchain® JOB token? How many tokens are there? Who is behind this cryptocurrency? Keep reading and we'll tell you about it.

What is Jobchain®?

To put ourselves in a situation we started at the beginning. Jobchain® is a pioneering financial platform in hiring that enables the payment of salaries in cryptocurrencies. All the technology developed with maximum security so you can hire or be hired anywhere in the world and cash instantly in your own crypto wallet, and in any currency you want!

This resolves talent search and bank account access problems identified around the world, all managed from one place: Jobchain®.

The platform is being developed by a panel of experts and advisers from the United Nations (UN), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNITED). And as a platform based on blockchain technology it could not be less than having and its own cryptocurrency - the JOB token.

The Jobchain® JOB token, how does it arise?

Well, the JOB token emerges as a cryptocurrency to manage payments and collections within the platform, as well as minimal fees for the use of it. Rates that are reduced and even reach 0% by simply having a certain amount JOB, for which there are up to 7 levels of differentiation.

In addition, there are also different incentives for the use of the JOB token on the Jobchain® platform. Incentives such as payback up to 10% on JOB, return up to 5% on Jobchain® Pay purchases, and even free subscriptions and free event tickets. And if that wasn't enough, work is being done on the development of a universal basic income within Jobchain® and of course paid in JOB, but you'll need to be vigilant to know how it works.

For the more technicians, the amount of JOB created in is 100 billion in its origin, and they will not be created anymore. At first 10% have been released while the remaining 90% is blocked and will be released for the next 5 years. Calm down there will be for everyone!

JOB audited by Certik

To finish, and in case there were doubts about its reliability, the Jobchain® JOB token has been audited by Certik file. Certik is the world's leading company in smart contracts, obtaining a score of 98 per cent. That's not bad at all, is it?

For now the Jobchain® JOB token can be purchased at different exchanges such as Digifinex and Probit. So, if you want to get ahead of the platform launch, get your JOB now and be part of the big Jobchain® community!