The presence of Jobchain® continues to grow and this time it does it in high, with Crypto Plaza. Jobchain® is already officially a partner of Crypto Plaza, the leading crypto hub in Spain. Almost nothing, huh? Well imagine everything that can happen in a place like this, join us and we'll tell you about it.

Crypto Plaza, an ecosystem to connect crypto startups

Crypto Plaza was born in 2019, in Madrid, in the financial heart of the Spanish capital. It is located there thanks to LOOM, one of the great managers of collaborative and flexible spaces, which is committed to promoting technological transformation and financial innovation. What facilities! And if that were not enough, they add to the launch of the project Digital Asset Institute and Finnovating, two initiatives connected to the crypto ecosystem nationally and internationally.

But it is Jesús Pérez, CEO of Crypto Plaza, who thanks to his national and international experience gave life to this project together with Javier Esteban. Project that today is the largest community in Spain of crypto, decentralized finance and blockchain. And not only that, but it claims to be the bridge between Europe and Latin America, fostering relations between European companies and those on the other side of the ocean. So for all that, Jobchain® had to be there. And we're here!

The space provided by LOOM has a capacity of at least 250 fixed seats, while there are another 200 flexible, with which there can be about 400 people working at a time each day. Where have you seen something so focused? And even to be part of the Crypto Plaza community you don't have to use coworking, but you can be a digital member to support the project and find out everything.

The scheduling of specialized events aimed at the Spanish-speaking crypto community causes about 20 events to take place monthly with 2000 people per month.

Jobchain® José Bay Talk at Crypto Plaza

As it could not be otherwise, Jobchain® participated in one of these multiple events that the community is nurtured. More specifically on March 9, our CEO José Bay gave a talk to explain the scope of the Jobchain® project and the state it is in. We leave here the video so you can see it:

Without a doubt, this is a first step for collaboration, learning and synergies within a vibrant community such as the crypto community. From Jobchain® we will continue to contribute so that the crypto and blockchain philosophy reaches the whole world. You sign up?